About us

Medicor Careers are a medical recruitment company operating in the EU member states.


Medicor Careers helps hospitals in finding necessary medical staff, such as doctors and nurses. Consequently, medical professionals are given the possibility to improve their professional skills and discover new and exciting job opportunities abroad.


We do care about our clients’ interests. Thus we strive to find the best and the most professional doctors who can apply their knowledge and experience in their daily work and ensure the precise and accurate diagnosis and treatment for all patients. We are able to offer top-class doctors and other medical staff working in the EU.


We recruit doctors for hospitals based in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and France. Our clients are hospitals located in the EU and Scandinavia. They are looking for young and experienced doctors of internal medicine (cardiologists, nephrologists, and pulmonologists), neurologists, obstetricians – gynecologists, surgeons, psychiatrists, radiologists, paediatricians and others.


We provide consultations for doctors regarding permanent or temporary jobs overseas; we organize specialized language courses in Lithuania and abroad. We also assist in handling all the necessary documentation and provide information regarding relocation and accommodation.


Please contact us:

Medicor Careers
Ž. Liauksmino 3, Vilnius, Lithuania
Ph. +370 5 2615945
Cell +370 699 37170
e-mail: info@medicor.lt
skype: laurad-i

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